Develop fast and maintainable software.

Build reliable and high-performance systems from modular building blocks using dataflow programming and declarative concurrency.

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Stream fusion optimizations in Streamly enable the Haskell compiler to fuse the modular high-level combinators into monolithic tight loops at the low level, yielding performance matching C.

Type Safety

Write safe and reliable programs using Haskell's strong type safety and purity, catching a large variety of bugs at compile time, therefore, saving time, money and avoiding programmer frustration.

Functional Programming

Write highly modular code using Haskell's pure functional programming paradigm. Coupled with strong type safety, it enables fearless refactoring, increased productivity, and reduced time to market.

Dataflow Programming

Compose your program by combining pipelines of data streams - making it scalable, modular, and easy to follow. Compose reactive programs using time-domain combinators on event streams.

Powerful Abstractions

Write concise code with powerful and expressive combinators. Streamly unifies functional abstractions, a small set of combinators can express a wide variety of programs.

Declarative Concurrency

Compose concurrent programs using the same functional combinators that you use for serial programs. Moreover, Streamly automatically controls the degree of parallelism.